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Family owned and operated since 1945, Rotiers Restaurant has been one of the most popular restaurants in the West Nashville area. You can’t afford to miss the tempting specialty dishes such as their famous, “Lemon Ice Box Pie”, or “Chocolate Cake & Ice Cream”, or one of their famous, “Reuben’s”.

Noted for their Meat and Three meals like mouth watering “Southern Fried Chicken”, “Slow Roasted Beef”, “Pork BBQ”, “Chicken Teriyaki”, and “Baked Ham”. Meals coming with many home grown vegetables, crisp salads, and hot rolls or cornbread. Yum, Yum!

Their sandwich menu is superb. Try one of their famous, “Hamburger on French Bread”, this is unlike any hamburger you have ever tasted. Customers come from miles around to eat this famous sandwich.

Try one of the many worlds famous sandwiches like there, “Oven Roasted Turkey”, “Swiss on Rye”, “Tenderloin w/fries”, “Grilled Bologna and Cheese”, these are sandwiches you don’t find everywhere. What about homemade salad sandwiches, like: “Chicken Salad”, “Tuna Salad”, or “Pimento Cheese”, “Old Fashion BLT”, “Corned Beef and Swiss Cheese”, the world famous, “Club Sandwiches”, the list goes on and on. Once you try any of their homemade sandwiches, you will certainly join a long list of satisfied customers.

Rotiers kitchen staff prepares all menu choices fresh. The daily specials to the scrumptious deserts, all prepared by caring and skilled hands. You will not be disappointed.

Sit at the worlds famous Rotiers soda fountain and sip one of there imported beers such as: “Landshark, Becks, Blue Moon, Pete’s Wicked Ale, Tacate, Yuengling, Rolling Rock, Moosehead, Heineken, Samuel Adams, Red Stripe, St. Pauli Girl, Yazoo Pale Ale”, and all your other famous brands.

Gift Cards are available, and we cater to small and large groups. Come on by and have the best food for the money, in Nashville.